Typical map showing historic properties located within
an area of potential impact from construction:

Historic map showing SHPO (State Historic Preservation office) and NRHP (National Register) sites in relation to proposed construction

HRA has published over 300 reports detailing archaeological and historical research projects. Access to most of these reports is restricted to authorized government and tribal personnel. For more information please contact us.

Staff members of HRA have contributed to several University of Oregon Anthropological Papers (UOAPs) published by the University of Oregon's Department of Anthropology and Museum of Natural and Cultural History. Please see this list of titles available for purchase through the U of O MNCH. The Museum's Director has announced (June 2, 2010) plans to make electronic copies of out-of-print UOAPs available, please see the MNCH website for details.

HRA staffers Minor, Musil, Oetting and Toepel are also published by Coyote Press; please see the Coyote Press website.

The following HRA reports are in the collection of the U of O library; Requests for interlibrary loan may be made through your local library: