About Heritage Research Associates...

Field work at an historic site, Eugene, Oregon:

Data recovery excavations at an historic site, Eugene, Oregon

Heritage Research Associates provides a broad spectrum of cultural resource services to its clients. Heritage conducts the entire range of prehistoric and historic archaeological investigation and mitigation. Heritage's historian and historic preservation specialists perform architectural evaluations and historic research. Heritage has also worked with the US Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management in their public outreach programs, helping to educate the public about cultural resources and involving them in archaeological fieldwork. Heritage has participated as a team member with the non-profit Archaeological Conservancy and private landowners to identify sites worthy of preservation.

Heritage has extensive experience in preparing cultural resource overviews and management plans, cultural resource field surveys, archaeological test excavations, data recovery, curatorial programs and State and National Register evaluations and nominations.

To complement its experienced cultural resource professionals, Heritage also has a variety of staff specialists including an administrator, office manager, lab supervisor, graphic artist/illustrator, GIS cartographer, faunal analyst, photographer and osteologist.

Heritage has complete laboratory facilities which are safe-guarded by an electronic security system.

The Associates work together as an interdisciplinary team, specializing in researching the cultural resources of the Pacific Northwest. The professionalism, expertise and reliability of the staff have enabled Heritage to consistently complete projects in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Throughout the planning process, Heritage works as a team member with its clients to recognize their needs, solve their problems, and successfully complete their projects.